Rosie O’donnell called the 10-year-old son of Donald trump’s autism

The famous American comedienne Rosie O’donnell stirred the social network, calling 10-year-old son of Donald trump’s Barron’s autism. After it became known about a victory of the Republican in the presidential election, the media doesn’t give peace to the family of Donald, and the attention of reporters and the audience is riveted to every member. Past wife of Donald Melania already discussed, and on stage — the youngest son Barron trump.

Rosie, known for his hostility to the Republican, called the autistic son of a politician on his page on the social network. The woman published a video assembled by any user during the presidential debates, which were attended by the son of Donald. O’donnell said that the behavior of the boy indicates that he is autistic.
“Barron trump autism? An amazing opportunity to draw attention to the epidemic of autism,” wrote Rosie.
For O’donnell, this topic is not humorous in September, her son put a disappointing diagnosis, however, children felt that Rosie simply to mock the son of his enemy. Despite assurances that she did not think to joke about that, Rosie started throwing stones.
On Saturday on the Facebook page O’donnell tweeted an open letter addressed to all offended by her words. She assured that it was not laughed at this, and said that he wants the best, because the Barron – the same characteristics of autism, and her daughter.

Source: http://www.usmagazine.com
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