Rosie O’donnell advises Melania trump to divorce her husband

Famous American TV host Rosie O’donnell again sticks his nose in the family business of Trumps. This time she has posted on his page on Twitter tip US first lady Melania trump. Rosie believes that wife of Donald trump need to divorce him.

The communication is accompanied by Mrs. trump, in which she encourages her fans to “not be afraid to fail because each of our mistake is a lesson,” Rosie wrote:
“Then you should divorce her husband. Take your son, parents and run away from him.”
Melania is not yet oudeuil sharp-tongued TV presenter with his answer. This is not the first time O’donnell has claims to the presidential family. Earlier, immediately after the inauguration, she called the son of Donald and Melania Barron of “autistic” due to the fact that his behavior struck her as odd. Lawyers for the Trump threatened her with court and she even had to publicly apologize. But it seems to have learned nothing from TV presenter and she’s at every opportunity, draws attention to every mistake of the first lady or any of her family members.

Recall that the rumors about the bad relationship between Donald and Melania began with the inauguration when the media captured the strange looks and forced smiles the wife of the President. There was even a hashtag #Osvoboditelyu. And when Mrs. trump said he was not going to leave new York and move to Washington allegedly studying son, these suspicions only intensified. Place first lady in the White house took the daughter of Donald from a previous marriage Ivanka, which this week took place the official adviser to his father.

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