Rose Sabitova told about changes in the show “let’s get married!” – 24???

55-year-old TV presenter rose Sabitova, told about changes in the show “let’s get married!”. In the new season, the transfer will be carried out in an unusual format, writes Woman’s Day.

In the new season of heroes transfer will help you to find the love of their former spouses. The producers produced 12 editions of this format. In the framework of the “let’s get married!” only one of the partners is looking for a pair, not both together. In this case, the release would be delayed beyond the boundaries of airtime.

This format Sabitova called “Pair for the former”. The presenter noted that it will not replace the usual format of transmission to put it will be only once a week.

Rose Sabitova | YouTube

The new releases of “let’s get married!” to the hero of the show also have to choose a companion of three girls who are equally painted and clothed. They will be similar to the ex-wife of the hero. Thus, the writers try to prove that on a subconscious level, man looking for in a new partner, “something from the previous one”.