Rosamund pike and Daniel brühl will star in the Thriller josé Padilla

The Creator of “Robocop” and “Elite squad” Jose Padilla is taken for the creation of a new Thriller with a very interesting cast.

To the project with the working title “Entebbe” Padilla drew Rosamund pike, Vincent Cassel and Daniel Bruhl. What roles went to actors not specified. At the moment, known only to the plot of the upcoming film.

The Director tells the story of the capture of the AirFrance flight in June 1976 four German and Palestinian terrorists. The plane was flying to the airport Uganda Entebbe, and its passengers were taken hostage.

It is assumed that pike and brühl can fulfill the role of the German terrorists, and the Kassel pilot. Release date the movie was released is not reported.

Source: intermedia.ru
Photo: variety.com

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