Ronnie wood of The Rolling Stones told about this terrible disease

Guitarist of the world famous group told him that he had a surgery, necessary for the tumor stopped spreading. To survive the difficult moments he helped husband.

70-year-old guitarist with a story about his illness caused the excitement from their fans. It turned out that the doctors he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunately, the stage was primary and adjacent organs, the disease is not struck. Ronnie had surgery.

As recognized musician, within a few days after the intervention he did not know what to expect, but I decided for myself that if the disease will spread, will not subject themselves to treatment by chemotherapy. He did not want to lose your hair, and maintain the illusion of life, the musician considers unnecessary.

Their disease VUD never told anyone. All the time support had given him a wife. Now he’s recuperating after an illness.
Fans believe that disease were caused by his Smoking. The artist himself admitted that he smoked all his life and only last year, after the birth of twin daughters refused to addictions.