Ronaldo praised the French model

One glance of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was enough to make the famous French model Celine Fisher. 24-year-old girl participated in the ceremony of the release of the teams on the field during the recent Euro 2016. Celine was dressed as a flight attendant with a smile and accompanied the players of the Portuguese national team, among whom was Ronaldo. Beautiful girl did not remain without attention smuglyavy womanizer and the next day, as they say, woke up famous.

Eloquent glances of the model and a player say more than any words. Ronaldo barely break his neck to see Celine.
The next day Twitter account, Fisher has become more than a thousand followers, and her images got on the front pages of Newspapers. We all want to know whether it was between Ronaldo and Celine something more. It is well known fact that the player prefers this type of women. Some even found some similarities between Fisher and former lover of Cristiano Irina Shayk.

Source: http://www.parismatch.com
Photo: http://www.parismatch.com

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