Rome Pendzhiev believes that people will always be unhappy

People always will you pour an even layer of shit, whatever you do. So do what you want! You’re not sleeping with anyone? Lie! You’re a hoe! You sleep with everyone? bitch! Well we’re talking! The appearance of some kind there? All done! You’re a freak! No appearance? Miserable creature! Sell branded items? bitch! Cashing in, things fake! Gave things to the orphanage? bitch! Why not a new and little! You’re known for? bitch! Send*a! You all bought it! Nothing is achieved? Done for the creature and the Loch! Writes poetry and prose? Stupid bitch! All written off by someone! Someone earns more? Well, you understand…
People well, too predictable. And all their systems dumped on again and off. It’s not funny, not sad — it’s a fact. And most importantly, all of these people of course, very smart, talented, beautiful, successful, well, stuff, on their sample list. I drink tea, aloof and without emotion sometimes watching and summarizing — people do not change, will not change and will always be unhappy. Because the problem is not in the outside world. But in themselves. But I’m naturally a bitch. And soulless.