Roman Kapely banned Marina Afrikantov to drink alcohol and be friends with Kohno

Roman wants conflicts with a lover, so she asks to give her alcohol. And he tries to limit contact Marina Masha Kohno, since the bad influence on her.

Roman Kapakli banned its second half Marina Afrikantov to drink alcohol and chat with Mary Kohno. Thus, another pair of the project “House-2” can add to the list of those who are categorically against the green dragon.

Roman Kapakli probably not going to wait until his relationship with the woman will be similar to those at the time, Alexey had Bush and Maya Dontsova. According to Roman, in most cases, the cause arising between him and the sweetheart of conflict is Masha Kohno. It is bad for Afrikantova the younger and often pushes her to thoughtless actions.

However, Mary herself Afrikantov, just surrender to the Roman Kapakli not in a hurry. She stated that she is not ready to limit contact with a friend. However, according to rumors, she soon changed her own decision and lost the man she loved. With regard to the prohibition of alcohol, the star of “House-2” said that she has a right to a nice drink at any time and beloved man in this case, it is not a decree.

It should be noted that the novel Capably has long been trying to prove Mary Africanoboi the seriousness of his intentions, however, believe it the girl is not in a hurry.