Roman Kapakli could not stand the society of Mary Kohno. Video

So, if Alex took considerable effort to limit the communication of Maya Kohno, a novel Kapakli was less influential on my girlfriend. Moreover, because of disagreements on this position, Roma and Marina Afrikantov even ended up in opposing groups on the set of the show “Analysis”, the site says life-dom2.su.

A few minutes was enough to understand, as once Maya, now Kohno put a spoke in the wheel of the relations Africanoboi. Masha not only causes the Marina to do what clearly does not approve of the Roma, but also teaches friend to lie. And its negative impact hard to miss.

“This Kapakly wants her to put on a chain and make it out of the room did not come out, and permission to drink asked ohrenevshy sucker, marinke need another man , not the kid” – was written by the fans of “House 2”.