Roman Gritsenko met with her daughter Lisa Triantafilidis

No doubt, such a situation can not “stretch” Lisa, Triandafilidis, which Roma have far-reaching plans. However, despite the scandalous situation, a novel, apparently, no intention to abandon the relationship with Elizabeth, what proof may be his acquaintance with the daughter girl, the website life-dom2.su.

And although the communication was via video link, Gritsenko is confident that they each other very much, and also promised that in the near future intends to meet personally with Vlada to better communicate with her.

“While we met only on video. To be honest, I was embarrassed and felt awkward. Later used – shared of Roma. – Vlad is a great girl with a good sense of humor. She is very positive. Fortunately, she accepted me well. It seems that we liked each other. In the near future we should meet personally.”