Roman Capably told about the reasons of quarrels with Marina Afrikantov

It was a Sunny weather, the faint smell of autumn was developing in the wind and absolutely nothing boded trouble, but it was not there. We with Marina have a fight! Because our lungs misunderstanding our argument escalated into a fierce battle of opinions. Skyscraper of claims is not present, but there are only a Foundation called confidence. After her return from the Sunny city of carpets and skyscrapers – Dubai. Under 50 degree heat, it probably overheated so that he imagines himself a northerner. After the arrival of her blows cold. Sneaks right up to the bones. That is what prompted me to thoughts about the lack of sincerity on her part. Because of the tremendous amount of shouting and screaming I like the savage. Maybe because of this we are unable to come to the middle. But kind and loving all around Roma living somewhere inside of me, completely refuses to accept the fact that we can “flower” Marina to swear. For this we will try to do everything possible to continue such a topic was not the place to be!