Roman Capably spoke about the serious health problems

In General, I am engaged in sports since childhood. In 9 years the mother sent me on Greco-Roman wrestling, departed about a year, the next year I ran for the athletics. After started taekwando, I did it for about 2-3 years. This was just not the same. And now, a friend brought me to the sport of Sambo and I have the sport almost immediately aroused interest. After speaking at the competition, I learned that in addition to that fight, you can still wave his arms and I moved with sports in combat Sambo. I also acted as combat Sambo, and grappling (ground fighting).
And here I started to have health problems, I dislocated my knee, I went to the hospital. As soon as I was discharged, and I have some time left at the cast, I immediately went to the gym, one word at that moment, I was negligent to my health and after just a month I lost the other knee. In the end, the doctor diagnosed habitual dislocation and tear of the patella with hemarthrosis the knee joint on both legs.
And the next time I did not listen to the doctor when he talked about rest and went back to train, painfully, I wanted to be, and it needs a lot of training given the fact that I’m so far behind because of lying in the hospital. But these two dislocation has become a chronic disease and exactly 9 times I flew my knees were torn ligaments and a cracked thigh, removed a fragment. In General, I’m about one and a half years of my life spent on hospital stays.

And now of course is a big sport and can be no question… I started to do fitness, to in the end is not to atrophy, because the sport is the most that neither eat drugs, because the body required. Only here I am in this business became interested, began to keep a diet, which is held for about 7 months nothing more diet, daily exercise, in short everything under a specific discipline, but I am satisfied and not a bit sorry about what is happening. Intends to continue in the same spirit, because the advantages from all of this a lot of, and I’m not talking about the volume of the biceps and the like, and about the fact that at least I was careful and punctually, but it’s worth a lot.