Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova divorce: what happened to the family of billionaire

Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova officially announced their breakup.

After ten years of marriage and two children together a pair of Abramovich and Zhukova part. But they plan all along to raise children and to continue joint work on the Garage, reports JoInfo.ua.

The history of acquaintance

As you know, acquainted pair had been at a football match in Barcelona, where Daria came from his father, a big businessman, owning several large companies. At that time she was considered the “Golden youth” and bathed in the riches and the attention of the most eligible bachelors, among whom was the son of the Dukes of Kent Freddie Windsor. When Dasha met Roman, she was the bride of tennis player Marat Safin, whom she hardly saw as a potential husband. At a time when Zhukov Sr. introduced his daughter with Roman Abramovich, as times began to go hearings about dissonance in a family Novel. And all was not in vain. The smile never left the face of the oligarch to the end of the night, and his victory “Chelsea” over the “Barca” was not the only cause.

It is impossible to say with certainty whether there was Dasha the reason for the divorce oligarch with his wife Irina, but her place beside him, she took even before his official divorce with his wife, with whom he was married for 17 years.

Zhukov moved to Abramovich

After Abramovich divorced his wife, Daria moved from Moscow to London. It is with great pleasure that traveled on the boat with Roman for a long time, lingering at his residence. They gladly arranged a noisy party on the “island of millionaires” Saint-Barth, where Dasha has already spent time with the Royal people and stars of world cinema and catwalk, and not representatives of the “Golden youth”. Best friend Dasha has become a promising new York journalist Derek Blasberg.

Children of Abramovich and Zhukova

The first child in the family was the sixth child of Abramovich-Aaron Alexander. He was born in 2009. Four years later, Daria gave him a daughter named Lea.

The disorder in the family

After the birth of her second child in the family Abramovich and Zhukova found a cut diamond. There was talk about a new passion of Abramovich the prima ballerina of the Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva, when Zhukov vengeance embraced in new York with Leonard Di Caprio. But the talk was empty, because the confirm the relationship of Abramovich and Cherry was not there, and Di Caprio is unlikely to be able to put eyes on the wife of an influential friend.

But when Darya in February this year visited the Swiss resort of St. Moritz, has already begun discussions around her person and beloved Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel. The Italian paparazzi caught beetles in his arms. Scandal tried to put a brake on the representatives of Abramovich, who threats the court made the removal of pictures from an Italian website Chi.

The separation of the pair

Today Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova officially announced their breakup. They also promised to work together to educate children and to continue work on the Museum garage.

New passion Abramovich

Rumor has it that the main cabin of the yacht Eclipse soon takes a secular seductress Nadia Obolentseva, who just recently divorced her husband-oligarch Airat Isakov and is now in full courtship takes the vacant Abramovich.

Journalist, Pointmedia Alla Omelchenko offers you see rare photo of son of Abramovich and Zhukova.