Roma Englishman of LSP: what happened, cause of death

Sunday 30 th year of life died the musician and producer Roman Savchenko, known under the pseudonym Roma English. A rap group of the LSP, with whom he collaborated for six years, had released several albums, the video for the song “Coin” became the most famous in the history of the project and received over nine million views on YouTube.

Oleg Savchenko is the only member of the group “LSP” accepts condolences in the passing of the second member of the team – Roma Englishman (Novel Saschenko). Some time in his rap group “LSP” Oleg played one, but fate brought him together with a Novel Saschenko – a composer, a producer, a good musician, and Savchenko decided with him to sing a duet. The cause of death of an Englishman Roma were not disclosed, and Savchenko doesn’t want to believe that all the fault of drugs, as reported by some media.

Five years that the group “LSP” was a duet, became Saschenko. very fruitful – they wrote songs, made videos. Their collaboration began with the song “Numbers”, and then there was the song “More money” and “Cocktail”. Belarusians were not mega-popular in Russia, but some songs Russians “cast a spell”. The novel was produced by the group in which he himself sang, and in 2014, the songs have plucked the whole album “Gallows”, and in 2015, the Duo was pleased with another album. This year the band released the album “Tragic City”.

According to some media reports, the doctors a year ago, advised Roman to change his lifestyle to a more calm. But the life of a musician was never to rest and stops, and therefore was cut short so early – Roma Englishman was not even 30 years old. Diagnosis, which put the rapper doctors, not specified.

LSP is quite popular in Russian hip-hop industry. The group had collaborations with popular musicians: Oxxxymiron, Pharaoh, Sil-A, Big Russian Boss, and they appear in a variety of related YouTube bloggers.