Roma Englishman died, what happened to him: the cause of death, that he sang

On 30 July it became known about the death of 29-year-old rapper Roma Englishman of the Belarusian group “LSP”. The fans refused to believe his death. However, on the official page of the band confirmed this information:”Stopped beating heart of our friend, a member of LSP, ROMs English. Rest in peace. Let the earth you rest in peace”.

Roma Englishman of LSP what happened: cause of death

A message that stopped beating the heart of the talented musician appeared online yesterday, July 30, 2017. It was published on the LSP page “Vkontakte”:

All the fans began to Express my condolences – none of them could believe what they saw. Some still claim that this is just a “bad joke”.

Cause of death Roma, the Englishman is not known. Many argue that allegedly a cruel joke played with him the drugs. His family knew about the existing problem, but could not imagine that it would come to death. Others simply assume that he died. There is also a version that the musician had a stroke.

Recall that in the group of LSP novel Sadako (real name) was in 2012. He worked with rapper Oleg Savchenko. They recorded several albums, many songs which were popular in Russia. The last clip LSP “Coin”, is filmed in the current year 2017, has become mega-popular and attracted more than 9 million views.

Roma Englishman had a premonition of death

Many knew of the Novel, there are problems associated with the use of alcohol and illegal substances. Moreover, he said that he left quite a bit to live. A year ago in an interview, he laughingly said: – My doctor says I only have a few months because I am constantly thumps and I’m tired, laughing, said the actor, a year later, he was gone.
Online reported that Roma died from cardiac arrest, but the exact cause is unknown, although fans assume that the rapper was able to commit suicide or “peritonotis”.

The LSP group has released many albums, including “Hanging”, mini-album, “KONDITERSKAYA” and Magic City. The musicians often performed in collaboration with other singers, and the novel Saschenko personally produced many songs.