Rodion Gazmanov devoted priest Olga Buzova a whole poem

The leader of the group “DNA”, Rodion Gazmanov, believe it or not, inspired priest of Olga Buzova. The guy who composes songs for his band, decided to write an ode to not only the presenter. but her ass, which she regularly shows in your Instagram with the hashtag #anautomatic.

Gazmanov posted in his blog a photo, which Olga shows ass and continued to talk about it in the verses.

“I apologize in advance, I’m a scoundrel, and squirt just a loser.

Posted in Instagram-e photo of the fifth point Oli buzovoy.

Like honey flew people-citizens of the former Soviet Union

I dare hands dirty to encroach on the income statement ..Oli buzovoy?

Neither ISIS, nor the Duma meeting, nor the fate of the actor Tom cruise

Not gained as much attention as was paid ..OPE Buzova!

Was Guinness resting, do not understand the Irish from Europe,

Why are people so torn up with normal human ..opy.

And in the dream appeared to me a vision of what future students of the University

Study our generation archival photo ops ..Buzova”.

Subscribers Rodion appreciated the poetic talent of the young man and wrote: “Rodion, It’s a masterpiece!”, “I am the Shield – it’s OSCAR!”, “Inspiration”, “You’re just brilliant, chuvaaak!!!”

But about the Muse who inspired the poet to this masterpiece, people spoke a little differently: “Yes, anyone that goes to who – ..oops, but who are the brains and talent”, “that You all agreed its PR? And so sick from it.”