Rodica Zmanovskaya died: what happened actually with the singer

Known at the time singer Rodica Zmanovskaya, which was made by the creative team of “Banderos”, a few days ago unexpectedly passed away in the United States. Fans of this band still can’t believe the death of the performer.

Around the death of Zmanovskiy very quickly began to soar comments from people who refuse to believe the official cause of death of the singer, which suggests that she died after a brain hemorrhage. Doctors noted that after this Zmanovskaya for a couple of days was in a coma, and then died. About possible other causes of death of the singer built various guesses, so a mass version of allocate is not yet possible.

It is noteworthy to highlight the closeness of the relatives of the late singer from the outside world. For this reason, there is still no exact information about when and where the funeral will be Glad Zmanovskiy.

In 2007, Rodica Zmanovskaya stopped working in the “Banderos”. She linked his departure with the pregnancy. The enormous popularity of the group and Zmijewska got the time, when it was released such hits as “Columbia pictures is not” and “do Not promise”. Along with this from the biography of the late singer that in 2014, she served as Executive producer of the film “Dancing in the desert”.

According to unconfirmed information, Glad it’s short for. It completely sounded like Rodica. Nee is her name – Crismaru. Glad graduated from Moscow humanitarian University. During his studies he married a classmate of Alexander Zmievskogo. She was involved in many business projects of her husband. Fluent in French, Spanish, Russian and Ossetian languages.

We will remind, group “Banderos” was formed in Moscow in early 2005. In it consisted of Batista, who had to work with many artists of the Russian hip-hop scene, Parliament and Natasha, the girls, before performing in various musical projects, Igor DMCB, DJ, dancer, and Ruslan, a top dancer breakdance.