Rocco Ritchie laughed at Madonna

Madonna and guy Ritchie have long agreed on the specifics of the custody of their sixteen year-old son Rocco, who field a scandalous showdown with her mother to live with his father in London. Mother found a common language with a child, and still from time to time they have a disagreement.

58-year-old Madonna posted a video where her two adopted children David and mercy 10 and 11 years old mouth hanging pieces of food. Rocco, after seeing the video, wrote:
“So glad I don’t live here anymore”. Madonna fans immediately took this as the insult to his mother and began to shame him, because it is soul of their child, but Richie Jr. just laughed at them, and later, having decided not to anger the fans of the Madonna, removed your comment. Video published by virgin also disappeared from its pages.
Recall that last week, He made the front pages of Newspapers because of his problems with the law – the guy was caught Smoking marijuana. Negatives neighbors complained and the police arrived on the call, he saw a teenager, vybrosivhsego something in the bushes. He tried to disappear from militiamen, but did not. During the search he found a little pot.

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