Robert Pattinson almost got fired from Twilight

Edward Cullen of the vampire Saga “Twilight” might be quite different if this Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson was fired during the filming of the first tape.

31-year-old actor said in an interview with the New York Times that because of his rebellion he was almost kicked out from the shooting in 2008.
When filming the first part of the franchise Robert was only 22 years old. At some point Robert is believed that his agent had to put a lot of effort to keep his players his cushy job and save him from dismissal.
Now frankly Pattinson claims that “Twilight” for him – “an amazing luxury”.
“I’m incredibly lucky. I became a part of this professional team, to lose such a chance would be a huge failure,” said Robert. Pattinson previously starred as Seleka Diggory in the film “Harry Potter and the goblet of fire” (although originally auditioned for the role of Harry, but passed).
“I’ll say a trivial thing: if you starred in five episodes of this epic tape, you automatically assume the responsibility for their way,” said Robert to the question, not whether it oppresses the idea that he will be “an actor in one role.”
By the way, to elaborate on the role of Edward Cullen he is not going, although he will have to work hard to no longer associate with a vampire. So, at the Cannes film festival ended last Sunday, Pattinson presented the film “Good Time”.

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