Robert Downey Jr. will star in the drama the author of “true detective”

The star of “Iron man” Robert Downey Jr. in the near future will run on HBO, because with the assistance of the cable will be filmed a new show, where the actor will be starring.

Creating a new project is entrusted on the shoulders of the author of “true detective” nick Pizzolatto. At the moment about the new teleserie knows very little, only that we are talking about the film adaptation of the series of novels by Earle Stanley Gardner about the lawyer Perry Mason.

Note that a few years ago, Downey Jr. talked about the fact that considering the idea of making a film on this subject. Now the plans have changed.

Action series, which has not yet been given names, will occur in 30 years. Mason is not only represented his clients in court, but he was investigating cases, coordinating with third parties (such as detective Paul Drake).

The opening date is not yet called.

Source: aceshowbiz.com
Photo: aceshowbiz.com

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