Rob Kardashian uses nevrogenny daughter for earnings

Baby dream Renee, the only daughter of Kim and Rob Kardashian, was not even a month, and her father has decided to earn on it money. On his page in the social network star reality show “Life with the Kardashians” posted a video of her daughter wearing the dress and socks. The main in this video is not the dream Renee, and red socks on tiny feet.

“I love my new @ArthurGeorge87 socks from my dad @robkardashian ????????????????” — reads the caption under the video.
“What I tell you.. the Baby was the product of a.. damn Weird family, the child had been born, and it was used… He decided to use his newborn daughter for advertising socks. What a freak!..” — write indignant subscribers.
But I must say that Rob himself promotes this product. So, on his page there are also the different sizes of socks for the little ones, older children and adults.
Recall that dream Renee was born three weeks ago and became the first common child of Rob Kardashian and black Tea. The latter also raises four year old king Cairo, born in a relationship with rapper Taiga.

Source: http://radaronline.com
Photo: http://radaronline.com

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