Rob Kardashian suspects black China treason

Little dream Renee is less than a month, and her parents are Rob Kardashian and black chyna is already on the verge of breaking up. Despite promises to get married before the baby is born, the couple not only did not promise, but even the engagement is not celebrated. As it turned out, Rob does not trust the mother of your child.

Relationship Kardashian and China was swift, full of love, passion, jealousy and scandals. Such they remain and now.
“Rob became paranoid. Black does not even know how much he’s jealous of her” — said the insider. Feel better Rob, and after China chose him over her ex-boyfriend actor Piloto James, which even attributed the paternity of the dream (good girl very similar to Kardashian). Now Rob is jealous of her for each post and it is affecting their communication. In every man he sees a potential rival.

“Rob is constantly checking his phone, black, entire e-mails. He does not believe, when she says she just tells friends about the baby. Business networking, married friends Rob it seems that they all had a affair with black. He can’t stop and wants her to stop communicating with the seven who are not part of the circle of their families,” said the insider. A few weeks before the birth of the dream Rob caught China in dealing with James. They again began to chat, and although the pilot remains the only friend of the family Kardashian does not want to see it in the close environment of their women.
“Now, when China is busy with the baby, Rob is afraid that she has cooled to it and you’ll find another, more slim and successful man. Black swears to him that she is the only one, but this does not help,” — said the insider. I hope that Othello Kardashian will find a more calming exercise, for example, caring for my newborn daughter.

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