Rob Kardashian moved in with the mother of your child

Happy together. contrary to earlier information, after the birth of her daughter Rob Kardashian and black chyna would live together. After gathering their meager bachelor belongings, the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” went to live with the mother of your child.

The birth of a child greatly changed the lives of Rob and his internal perception of the world. He became softer and more vulnerable, say the insiders.
“Dream changed the life of Rob, cheated on him. Now he wants to be better, he spends more time with the family, although I avoided them,” the insider said.
The last few months have been challenging in the life of Rob and his relationship with black Tea. He was jealous of her, and even suspected that the child wasn’t his, but a newborn daughter is so similar to a folder that you can refuse a DNA examination.
“Rob wants to live a dream and black, and every day to spend with the baby. He is making great efforts to improve its relations with the Tea, and she seems very happy with it. They are all wonderful, they enjoy parenting,” said the insider.
“I’m so happy! Thank you, black chyna for the fact that gave birth to our daughter and was so strong! I love you very much and can’t wait to see how she grows day by day! I love you and dream, and thank you both. I know everyone says my daughter is my copy, but the spout is uniquely yours Tea!” — posted by Rob in the birthday of his daughter.
We will remind that earlier the lovers who never got married before the birth of the child, stated. that they will live separately. The reason is the complex nature Rob and his temper.

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