Rita Agibalova does not believe in relationship Bush and Dontsova

So, his vision of the situation shared and Rita Agibalova. Ex-member believes that the attitude of the guys is doomed to failure right now, because in her opinion, Dontsova quite long ago lost interest in their partner, but are afraid to tell him. Also, the behavior of Maya’s reminiscent of the actions of a person who wants as soon as possible “to merge” and only waiting for the moment when Bush gets tired of what is happening and he will put an end to, the website life-dom2.su.

However, Marguerite Marceau has no doubt that the couple can still be saved, just Maya to reconsider its relation to the supposedly beloved man and to draw the appropriate conclusions.

“From love to hate one step! It is impossible to play on the feelings, when you like! Mike deserved what I wanted! Zachary Kupina long said, put it down, and then Mike will go all out to try to get you back! Mike is doomed to loneliness! She could not build a mutual relationship, there was an example!” – shared his opinion one of the fans of “House 2”.