Rita Agibalova criticized the network for its attitude to son

The girl is not the first time gives a reason for its followers to angry comments because of relationship to a Cousin of Mitya. In addition, sometimes, it is possible to stumble upon an opinion that his daughter Agibalova Jr. loves his son, who is very awkward because of this, the site says life-dom2.su.

Extra proof of this was a photo of a boy on the first of September. The attention of fans attracted “espadrilles” at the feet of Mitya, who clearly do not correspond to the solemnity of the moment and not exactly match his suit. In addition, such a shoes considered harmful to children’s feet, openly accusing Rita of greed and desire to save the child.

“Mitya cool dressed, Rita loves him and gives him everything and rest all summer in Cyprus, what you write, not fair” – was expressed by one of the fans of “House 2” the opposite opinion.