Ring Bella Swan from “Twilight” sold at auction

On 19 and 20 November in Hollywood was interesting event. The company’s Prop Store and Lionsgate have organized the auction, which was exhibited lots from filming “the Twilight Saga”. In total there were more than 900 items, including “engagement” ring Bella Swan, Jacob’s motorcycle black Cape Edward Cullen. Price of lots ranged from $1,5 thousand to $7 thousand

Big bet organized the auction did it on pomolozhe ring Bella, which was to attract the largest number of buyers. The struggle for this piece of jewelry was carried out serious. In the end, the ring went under the hammer for 16.8 thousand dollars. The name of its new owner not reported. Also purchased a chess, who entertained Edward and Bella during their stay on the island “Esme”. The cost of chess 13.2 thousand dollars.

In just two days has sold 874 lot for a total amount of 758 thousand dollars.

Source: gazeta.ru
Photo: gazeta.ru

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