Rimma told about the friendship with Alla Pugacheva

Rimma told about the friendship with Alla Pugacheva

In the “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine” the poet and the composer Lyubasha said, if she is friends with famous artists.

Tatyana zaluzhnaya, it — Lyubasha, exclusive in the “Sravi way” admitted that an acquaintance with Alla Borisovna did not happen at the start of her creative career. And the first who drew attention to the verses lyubashi, became Irina Allegrova — she sang the song of the poet called “Ballerina”.

“The fact that I Irina Allegrova do not even know. First she just sang my song. I’ve always believed that my songs deserve to be heard. And that is my desire and gave me a push forward,” she says.

Despite the fact that the poet wrote the lyrics for the most popular stars of show business, the relationship with them, she in most cases business. And only with Alla Pugacheva at Lyubasha has developed a warm and close relationship.

“Communication style in the show business specific, which to me is not very pleasant. There’s a lot of show-off. So close I can only communicate with Alla Pugacheva. Alla — the person who really feels the talent,” shared with journalists of the TV channel “Ukraine” Lyubasha.

The poet admitted that they with Alla Borisovna together not only the topic of creativity and education of children. Rimma, and Alla Pugacheva, has three children, so the two mothers of large families, there is always something to talk about for a friendly get-togethers.

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“Alla is a very open person, but only with those she trusts. When we meet, we Alla shows me phone photos of their young children: Gary and Lisa. We love to talk about babies. The creativity of so many people in common it’s like a magnet,” said the daughter.

Interestingly, before you start to write poems for Alla Pugachev and Philip Kirkorov, the school tried to work as a software engineer. But her attempts did not succeed. Lyubasha wanted to be creative and to write songs.

“I was so interested to learn programming, I didn’t want to be secondary. My life I have experienced the most stringent methods. There was a time when my husband and I rented an apartment, where necessary, and we have not had nannies for our three children. We were living very difficult,” admitted Lyubasha in the “Sravi way”.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv