Rihanna and Chris brown partied at the same club

Fans of Rihanna and Chris brown was alarmed Barbadian singer and her aggressive ex-boyfriend said in one and the same new York nightclub Up & Down. It is no secret that the interest of rapper and singer to each other is not quenched, despite the fact that they parted not the best way, and visited among them all.

Rihanna-hot blood came to the party in a warm hoodie, a coat and sandals.. opening all the tattoos on her slender legs, Chris was dressed much warmer. Eyewitnesses claim that along with brown was his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Vargas, with whom they held hands.
The audience held its breath and waited, when former lovers meet eyes, but outside the club, this did not happen – and Rihanna and Chris arrived within a few minutes. However, inside the club they probably crossed.
Recall that for a second chance from Ri-Ri, the rapper even threw his beloved model Carrace Tran, however, the attempt number 2 failed and the lovers broke up again. Fans of the Barbadian singer was condemned for her passion for the man who was beating her, but Rihanna could not help it – her attraction to this tyrant.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com
Photo: http://vev.ru

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