Ridley Scott will film a sequel to “Gladiator”

Ridley Scott promised to return on the screens of Maximus. No sooner had the audience away from the images with the weight of Russell Crowe, as it became known that the Gladiator is back on the big screen.

Meanwhile, the famous actor saw again in the Australian town of Woolloomooloo for sports with his son Sam and daughter Phoebe. By the way, the son is a player of the Rugby team South Sydney Rabbitohs, which is partly owned by Crowe.

“I know how to return “Gladiator” on the screen. We already talked about this in the Studio and discussed the possibility of his resurrection. When that happens, I can’t say. Since 2000, Russell has changed a bit, but I will do everything that he was involved in the project,” said Ridley told reporters.

Source: http://metro.co.uk
Photo: http://metro.co.uk

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