Ricky Martin has confirmed his engagement to artist

Singer Ricky Martin met “the one” who would like to live together until old age. Yesterday in mass-media the information appeared that the actor was going to lead to the altar his beloved Swedish artist with Syrian roots Juana Yosef, and today Latin American artist confirmed this information and told us how touching asked his lover to marry him.

Ricky has been a guest on popular American talk show, in which he told host Ellen DeGeneres (which, incidentally, also sexual orientation) about the changes in my life.

“I first proposed to him. It was a very exciting moment. As pobody, I got down on one knee and handed him the ring in the bag and said I have something for him. Then I said I wanted to be with him for the rest of my days. Juan asked me, “do You want to ask to marry you?” That’s all. After about thirty minutes I asked him, “So did you twet me “Yes?”, and he said “Yes!”” — finished his story Ricky to the applause of the Studio.
Martin also said that his children, whom gave birth to a surrogate mother, very much Juana, and that they have a great relationship.
“Everything went perfectly!” concluded Ricky. And we congratulate him and Juana engagement!

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.woman.ru

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