Representatives of the First channel denied the rumors about the appointment of Olga Buzova on the leading role of “Indian rebellion”

Passion around global redeployment on “the First channel” continue to boil. One by one, close the popular program: “let’s get married”, “Alone with all”, “While all houses”. Recently there was a rumor that Olga Buzova will move from channel TNT on the First and will be the co-host of the new project “womanish revolt”.

The reason for these rumors was the footage of Olga, together with other maledivami stands on the stage in front of a crowd of women with flags. However, representatives of the “First” has denied these rumors and said that His never seen as the “face” of a project, and about the show “womanish revolt” is the first time I hear.

It turns out that the authors of a promotional video are a production Studio, shooting “pilots”, who then hope someone to sell, the website Dni.ru. The very same Olga about his appointment silent, but, strangely enough, her Instagram has photos, which it captured in a t-shirt with the logo of the First channel and underneath the TV presenter wrote: “All day shooting”. What could it be?