Renee Zellweger told why he returned to the cinema

After a six year break, the actress Renee Zellweger is back in the cinema. The film of Bridget Jones ” — continuation of the famous history, were to become the springboard for a new round of filmography of the actress. In an interview with American Way, the actress told how he spent years without a movie and why he returned to Hollywood.

“I wanted to take a break after the release of “Chicago” and then I grabbed an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss. Then I realized that you can’t do something one my whole life, and I decided to come back,” said Renee. During the years that she was absent from the radar of reporters, Zellweger visited Cambodia, Thailand and Libya, where he worked in organization that fights for the equality of the sexes.
“I think that travel is useful to everyone. They not only need to see the world, but in order to understand who you really are,” said the actress.
Today, rested and understand yourself Renee again full of desire to act in films.
“I missed the creative process. I stopped acting in movies due to exhaustion. I understood that I removed for the sake of process, and the artist may not be comfortable in a creative environment, if he is not grateful for the opportunity to participate in the process.
“Child of Bridget Jones” was a great opportunity to return to the screen. I love this role, which no doubt is part of every woman. Often smiling on the red carpet, behind a smile I hide what I hope the viewer will never know. I smile through moments of Bridget Jones. Millions of them every day, but I’m an optimist by nature and believe that we must laugh, no matter what,” explained Zellweger.

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