Renata Litvinova surprised fans open neckline

Renata Litvinova has long been for many a style icon. One of the last photos of the actress with a very deep cleavage was particularly struck by fans.

This year was the anniversary for the famous actress and Director Renata Litvinova, she was 50 years old. Fans have long been accustomed to candid images of the star.

But recently, microblogging celebrity appeared a picture in which she appeared with a deep neckline, washitaw fans with its appearance.

“Oh, that neckline!)”, “Very beautiful!” “The main thing is… you don’t have to do… to be so special, original and inimitable,” commented a photo of enthusiastic subscribers.

Litvinova is considered to be a style icon and has a perfect sense of style, so her images each time collect a lot of compliments.