Renata Litvinova spoke about the independence of the daughter

Renata Litvinova spoke about the independence of the daughter

Renata Litvinova now actually lives in two countries. Last year, the actress bought an apartment in Paris to more to communicate with her daughter, who is studying at one of the French schools. And Juliana is very grateful mother.

14-year-old Juliana is growing very talented girl. It is not only study well, but also starred in the project mothers, along with the parent poses for the stylish photo shoots.

Renata daughter is overjoyed. But of course, frequent trips from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to Paris the star of several tired. However, the other way Litvinov sees. According to the actress, Genevieve can’t learn Russian in school.

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In Russian school it was miserable, ” he told the celebrity publication OK!. — Each time went back in the fight, and then we can do lessons till twelve o’clock, some stupid formal tests, and knowledge were not, reading books and Hiking in the Museum also didn’t have time. So what are this training if growing a child is uneducated, the oppressed. One boy hung himself in front of the control… And the boys three times less, than girls. Something about this also have to do! Girls must now compete for their attention?”

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“I think you still need to temper the child, and boys in General need to let go of the skirt and it is important to teach respect and admire a woman, her door open, to give up the place, stand up when included, at least! God, after all this, nobody makes younger, so I’ve talked about this!”, — added Litvinov.


Source and photo: kleo.ru