Release date 18th season of “Battle of psychics”

Loved by millions “battle of the psychics” continues. In full swing preparing your application for release, and the new talents have already begun to undergo tests, which identify strengths.

The team dailyhoro.ru already wrote about possible participants in a new “Battle”, but the organizers remain silent to surprise and shock spectators and observers with an unprecedented power again collected psychics, telepaths and other abilities with people.

Shooting a new season of “the Battle” began in the summer. Beginning July 2017 gathered in a familiar place, a huge number of people wanting to show their skills and defend the right to participate in the show. Many people dream to take a place among the strongest that will continue to shock us with their abilities, passing a difficult test prepared by the organizers of the program.

Three standard test screen, search a person in the trunk and “Mr. X” is already passed, however, before the start of the new 18th season, there is time. We can only guess if it will include one of the strongest perfectly proved themselves on the test Nikita Turchin, Rustam Nurtdinov, Marina Zueva and Lena Eyvaz.

The intrigue remains, and is supplemented by unverified information about a possible participation of well-known and loved by many the strongest psychics — Marilyn Kerro and Hope Shevchenko. The producers planned the first release of 18 of the season on 23 September 2017, which will fully tell us about the real abilities of new people from sverhsposobnostyami.

Before the release of the new season of “the battle of psychics” there is very little time, and the team dailyhoro.ru offers to try to assess their own abilities to the psychic. Who knows, maybe exactly you will be able to correctly indicate future participants, listening to your intuition or hidden gift that can be developed using the proposed recommendations.