Relatives and friends are confident that psychic Ilona Novoselova had a premonition of his death

Mother fell in a tragic accident from the window of the psychics Ilona Novoselova said that after the girl’s death began to happen strange things. But friends and colleagues believe his death she predicted herself.

A famous clairvoyant and a participant of the popular show “Battle of psychics” Ilona Novoselova died June 13. Native only now revealed details of secret burials, and mysterious events that surrounded the event.

The ashes of the deceased mother and ex-boyfriend Artem Demons scattered over the South sea. Mother 29-year-old Ilona fell from the window of the 6th floor under mysterious circumstances, says that after her daughter’s death began to happen mystical things.

Strange things happened at home and on the street, to the window, where he conjured the dead, flew a bird. When the ashes of the deceased were transported by boat on the sea – water not wear out of the pink haze, like a cloud lying on the water.

Artem Demons and mother Novoselova gave an interview on the program “Battle of the fittest.” Fellow psychics remembered that she often spoke about his death. According to them, Ilona believed in his demise and said it was her payback for black magic. On the demise of Novoselova has repeatedly spoken during the recording of “the Battle of psychics.” Colleagues asked her not to attract similar thoughts, but the witch was adamant.

Ilona was sure that rod will break it. “I just got into black magic, I paid for it”, she said.

Apparently, once the clairvoyant still had hope for a long life. For example, one of my colleagues she said she was in dire need of love. “I’m afraid I’ll be alone, I don’t want to grow old and remain solitary witch”, – quotes its a different medium. Probably the presentiment of death came to her shortly before his death.