Ray Jay told who was behind the creation of the sex tape with Kim Kardashian

It is now Kim Kardashian is a millionaire, a happy wife and mother, businesswoman and one of the most popular stars in the world. But to achieve such recognition Kim had to work and even to plunge into the mud, which she still remembered. We are talking about the most scandalous sex tape, which Kardashian became famous.

Video sexual pleasures Kimberly with her boyfriend ray Jay was made public in 2003. Since already a lot has been said regarding this situation: it was reported that the kid specially recorded video to blackmail Kim, this video was commissioned by the owners of the sites piquant themes, etc.

Today, ray said that in fact he was just a hired actor who played his role.

In an interview with Heat man said that Kim was “incredibly greedy for glory,” “I only took part to make it popular. Played a role. If you’re smart, you probably already knew that.”

Not done in this case and without mom Kardashian Chris. They say, that she encouraged the daughter to make a video with similar content, because she’s seen what fame has brought such scandal Paris Hilton.

A few months earlier appeared on the Internet a sex video of the heiress of the multimillion Empire Hilton and her boyfriend Rick Solomon called “One night in Paris“. Hilton, of course, stated that shocked by the situation, but its popularity skyrocketed.

Here’s how Paris herself commented on the incident: “I was shocked and embarrassed when I saw what happened. I was in no fault — fault on who did this to me. But after that I learned to be strong now nothing hurts. But in General it was very painful.”

At the end of their revelations ray Jay called the mother of the clan Kardashian-Jenner “real, real prostitute”, however, his words it is not confirmed by any facts.

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