Rating two moms are on the brink of returning the TV project “House 2”

Such ideas come and Tatyana Afrikantova on which the leadership of the “House 2”, according to the rumors, places great hope in the education of new members of telestroke. Moreover, according to the information available on the world wide web, debuting as caregiver women will have very soon in the Seychelles, the website life-dom2.su.

It’s unclear how soon do women go to the Island of love. But now the viewers are eagerly waiting for the confrontation of the most controversial moms reality show, which promises to be hot.

“What’s the point in mom’s Ira, if Mike never listens, and even makes it out of spite? How does it help in improving relations? Gnobleniem Leschi? So we already passed!” – was the opinion of the fans youth telestroke.