Rapunzel and Dmitrenko disgraced in the store

According to witnesses that said the guys at best buy, ex-participants “House 2” have to save almost the most simple things. So, the couple a long time could not come to a conclusion and decide what exactly to buy pot: 500 rubles, or to afford a more expensive purchase – 700r, the website life-dom2.su.

And although in this situation there is nothing funny, for “brands” is turned another portion of bullying. The couple was advised to postpone the purchase of pots and pans, and to begin to get Cutlery. Especially spoons and forks in a young family do literally worth its weight in gold.

“The difference is only two hundred rubles – both would take, Yes they have the truck free, and you talk about the two pots” – shared his opinion the fans of “House 2”.