Rapper Snoop Dogg will play in a TV Comedy

Rapper Snoop Dogg will play in a TV Comedy

It will also act as the producer and author of the title song.

Snoop Dogg will appear in a Comedy series MTV about Smoking weed Mary+Jane.” About it told the producers Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont at a press tour of the Television critics Association on Sunday.

They reported that the rapper and big fan of weed will play himself, a “very, very unusual person.” The main characters, 20-year-old friends working in the service delivery of marijuana in Los Angeles, will play Jessica’s Mouth and Scout Durwood. Kaplan added: “I cannot say when it will appear in the video. You will have to watch the entire series until the end to see him.” In addition, Snoop will act as the producer of the series and the author of the title song. The producers promised the emergence of other stars in cameo throughout the season, including Seth green, Leonard Roberts, Andy Daly and Mrs. pine. The creators also say that if MTV wants to do a second season, the audience will see more unexpected guests.

“We hope that progressive people who love weed and Comedy, watch the show and love it,” said Kaplan.

Mary+Jane” starts on 5 September on MTV.


Source and photo: thr.ru