Rapper Kasper Knight shot himself in the face for the promotion of the album

What do artists in order to attract attention to himself. So, aspiring rapper Kasper Knight, has published on his page in the social network video, which.. shot himself in the face with a handgun.

Shot half his cheek, he began to smear the blood across his face. This video has already scored over a million hits and tons of comments, most of them angry.
Netizens are outraged by an example that he gives children to such a disgusting act, but the artist himself thinks he can Express himself in any way and has no regrets. In particular, that caught sumami the bullet and have lost a few of them for the success of the debut album.
However, not all believe that this video is real. Many questioned his credibility and called a fake, because of the wounds that received the Kasper Knight was supposed to be a lot more, especially since the bullet had to go through both cheeks, not just one. I wonder if there was someone after a show, music artist, or seen enough?

Source: http://thedailyhaze.com
Photo: http://thedailyhaze.com

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