Rapper Guf does not hide the problems in his personal life

The musician writes that the “lost” son and asks him to help to return the boy

Rapper Guf, aka Alexey Dolmatov considers all his followers friends, so he from them no secrets. He shares not only the creative problems, but also personal. So he openly wrote about breaking up with his wife ISA Anokhina, and her new marriage. Now subscribers “Instagram” Gufa witnessed a family drama.

“If any of you meet this boy on the streets, tell him that looking for his dad. But better go with me to inform about his whereabouts?” (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. Woman.Hit.ru), this message Guf left under the photo of the child. — “I hope he’s all right.”

Apparently, the ex-wife limits communication Dolmatova and son. This could happen because the last song of the musician, in which he confesses ISA in love, but an insult to her current husband. Now Anokhina family has a rest abroad and in Russia is not going to.