Rapper Guf can not find a common language with the husband of his ex-wife’s ISA

Recently rapper Guf visited in Bali visiting his ex-wife ISA Anokhina and her new husband Dmitry, who is now raising his son. Shortly after arriving in Moscow, the contractor admitted that he ruined his relationship with Dimitri.

Gough admitted that he had a conflict and with Anaheim: “Evil has arrived in Bali. I have not grown together Isinym friendship with Chewie, every day, writes to me: “don’t write my wife.” Do not write your wife? It’s the mother of my child, asshole. I write it only for Sam, I don’t need it after you.”

Now fans are waiting for, what is the answer to ISA and how to resolve the conflict between his former and his present. By the way, now ISA is almost a month in Moscow together with his son Alexis.