Rammstein frontman was asked to save him from Russian captivity (PHOTO)



The frontman for the German metal band Rammstein till Lindemann attended the music festival “Heat” in Baku and soon asked him to rescue from the Russian “captivity”.

The staff concerned has published Azerbaijani Shamil Ramazanov on the page in Facebook.

Festival Rammstein did not speak, but had the opportunity to listen to many Russian artists, among whom was Anita Tsoy, Dima Bilan, Igor Nikolaev, Grigory Leps and others. Stars of the Russian platform did not give rest to the leader of the German group and kept asking to be photographed with them.

Subsequently Instagram has a video in which the leader Rammstein blinks twice, while holding a napkin that says “Help”.

As previously reported in the media, the soloist of the Rammstein till Lindemann went to the movies in the company of Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda.