Ralph Fiennes ready to play Volan de mort

Actor Ralph Fiennes for several years playing a character whose name nobody can be called.

Thanks to the work of makeup artists Rafe has turned into the true evil Volan – de-mort, a character who gave life to Harry Potter and his friends.

A couple of weeks ago, the premiere of the film “Fantastic beasts and where they live”, which is the prequel to the “Harry Potter”.

The development of the idea of the second film is already in full swing and castes producers have already started to pick up.

At the moment we know that the sequel will star johnny Depp. And now Ralph Fiennes does not preclude their participation.

He told this in an interview with the Evening Standard.

“Of course, I do not promise, but after an SS officer, a serial killer in “Red dragon” and the flounce-de-mort I decided that no longer want to be the embodiment of evil on the screen. If you play such roles, you seem to let these characters in my head, partly be. And it’s not the most inspiring experiences. As for Volan de mort, then, if it appears again, I will already be prepared and somewhat protected. And will not let it get to me,” he said.

Note that in the “Fantastic creatures” Tom riddle is always the same magician who later became Volan de mort – still has a normal human appearance. Because in what guise Fiennes will appear in the film — a mystery.


Source: segodnya.ua

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