Radiohead will sue and Lana Del Rey. the song – 24???

Rock band Radiohead has accused Lana Del Rey of plagiarism: hit Get Free from the fifth album, Lana Del Rey is very similar to the song Creep in 1992, which is considered one of the most famous Radiohead songs. The parties shall attempt to resolve the situation without judicial intervention, the newspaper the Sun.

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Representatives of Radiohead hope that the group will receive compensation or be provided in the co-authorship of the song Get Free and begin to get her fee, reports “Kommersant”.

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Lana Del Rey said on Twitter that they received the claims from Radiohead. The artist did not agree with the allegations of plagiarism of her songs. Lana Del Rey outraged that Radiohead wants to get 100% of the publishing rights, in turn, the artist offered them up to 40%.

Recall that in October artists of the label Black Star was accused of plagiarism clip Eminem (real name Marshall Maters) and Rihanna on the hit I Love The Way You Lie.