Quentin Tarantino has confirmed his imminent departure

The petition to appoint Quentin Tarantino directed the new “Deadpool” it has caused the fans of bloody militants hope that the cult Director will change his principles and change his mind to leave the cinema. But no. Yesterday he confirmed his intention to leave the Director’s chair after the tenth shot of the film.

At a press conference Adobe Max in San Diego Tarantino stated about its intentions:
“Hopefully, when I retire, I’ll rightly be considered one of the greatest Directors who ever was on this earth. And besides – one of the most prominent creators,” said Quentin.
At the moment Tarantino is working on some project, which had not yet been invented.
“This may be a book, a documentary or a podcast in five parts..I haven’t invented this,” said Quentin. The only thing he let slip is what this project is based on his research into the cinema of the 70s of the last century.
To write a new script, Quentin.. listening to music. She inspires him to picture in my head that later become a script and footage from the movie.

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