Queen Elizabeth II is looking for a dishwasher at the Palace

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II announced the new jobs. Last year, monarch was looking for the cook, and this year she needed a new dishwasher.

An announcement appeared on the official website of the Royal family: “Urgently needed a new dishwasher in Buckingham Palace”.

For this, it would seem, not the most decent job, the Royal family is willing to pay a decent salary – 17 thousand pounds a year (about 22.5 thousand dollars).

Of course, the requirements for candidates will face serious, but in the Declaration it is noted that previous experience in a similar position doesn’t matter much.

Interestingly, work skills and experience, the monarchs preferred to be a future member of their staff, in addition to an impeccable reputation, was sociable and was able to cohesively work in a team.

Moreover, in addition to wash plates and other utensils, the candidate must prove his ability to maintain all equipment in perfect condition. Not to mention the fact that periodically it will be necessary to assist the chefs in food preparation — in the case of particularly large doses.

Source: 7days.ru
Photo: lady-guid.com

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