Pugacheva unsubscribed from Kostyushkina on social networks

The former participant of group “Tea together”, and now lead singer of the musical project A-dessa Stas Kostyushkin admitted that one of the most influential figures of the domestic elite Alla Pugacheva is friends with him.

Everyone remembers the embarrassing moment that took place in Jurmala, when during a performance of their hit song “Woman, I don’t dance” Stas jumped on became members of the jury and literally fell on the head of the Diva. Kostyushkin has apologized, and seemed the only unhappy that evening was only Philip, who was preparing a great show, but the highlight of the evening was exactly Kostyushkin.

“For the case before I Alla Borisovna has apologized – and at the concert, and after party. But there was also a series of events that did not have time to ask forgiveness. Since then, we haven’t heard from her. And Pugachev unfollowed me on Instagram, removed, it is possible to tell from friends” — said Stas during the ceremony “Golden gramophone”.
However, the scandalous case of Alla Borisovna has only added to the popularity Kostyushkin, Stas for best publicity stunt was not found.

Source: https://dni.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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