Pugacheva secret that a few years ago from complications after the flu nearly lost his sight

Alla Pugacheva admitted that a few years ago of complications from influenza led to her blindness. But thanks to the timely treatment vision was restored.

Recently, Alla Pugacheva has told, that due to serious complications of influenza lost his sight, but thanks to timely treatment, he was able to recover. It turned out that this incident happened with the artist a few years ago, but she carefully concealed.

The diva revealed that after his illness the doctors had assured her that the blindness is only temporary. Tell about your problem friend Irina Fedorova, women took an immediate decision to go to a Medical center named after Svyatoslav Fyodorov and conduct a survey.

However, the actress was very afraid of her trouble, finds out the public, and then they decided to pretend that nothing happened and she sees everything. Fedorov had control of the situation at the clinic and tells the head where to turn and there are stairs.

In the end, after lengthy treatment the vision returned, but on this situation she prefers not to remember.